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Every project has its own specific needs. What you require from an academic writer will largely depend on your project. For this reason, the perfect writer for you is one who is both skilled and experienced in the field that your project revolves around. We fully understand this and that’s why we have developed a rating system that allows clients to rate writers based on the number of projects they have completed on our platform.

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At PwaEduBirdie, a writer’s rating is represented by stars. Currently, a writer can be awarded between 1 and 5 stars, with 1 star being the lowest rating and 5 stars being the highest. These ratings are exclusively based on client feedback submitted to us after they review the project completed by a writer. A client who is fully satisfied with the project will typically award 5-stars to the writer, while a client who is disappointed will award a low rating (typically 1-star). A writer who is able to sustain a high rating (closer to 5-stars) after taking on multiple projects is definitely a great choice for any client.

To make the experience equally satisfying to our writers, we also allow them to rate clients as well as choose the clients they would like to work for based on the client’s ratings.

This two-way rating system allows both the clients and writers to gauge the expectations of an engagement. If the client is happy with the writer’s reputation (star-rating) and the writer is also satisfied with the client’s reputation, then the two can strike a deal and start off a rewarding engagement.

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